Breakers Celebrates The New Year With Fireworks, Glamour and Party Hats


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New Years 2018_001

Every party on Breakers is done with a lot of thought, color and don’t forget an endless inventory.

New Years 2018_002

Breakers owner NYCharlie invites you to join the long-term residents of this wonderful community. Isabel is on his right. Doesn’t she look gorgeous?

New Years 2018_003

Enjoying the moment.

New Years 2018_007

Wearing a Snowpaws gown and a Happy New Year hat.

New Years 2018_006

Dancing away the old memories so we can welcome new ones.

New Years 2018_010

You don’t have to go to New York to enjoy the first holiday of the year.

New Years 2018_011

We think Merlin had something to do with Isabel welcoming the new year with a party horn.

New Years 2018_012

Smile’s dress glimmered throughout the night.

New Years 2018_021

Alex looking great in his tux.

New Years 2018_014

Who said we can’t line dance?

New Years 2018_016

Super photo of Isabel near the fireworks.

New Years 2018_017

By the end of the night our avatars looked exhausted and we were ready to go to bed in real life.

New Years 2018_023

Left, Merlin and Allie near the champagne goblets playing our favorite songs. We toasted for a happy New Year and for our friend Temp to come home.

Breaker’s Christmas Party Kindles Our Festive Mood And Memories Of The Past


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Holiday Gala 2017_001

Allie and DJ Merlin set the mood for a festive gathering of Breaker’s residents and friends.

Holiday Gala 2017_003

Isabel looks beautiful in this sleek golden gown with matching wings.

Holiday Gala 2017_005

Feeling like a rose in a winter setting.

Holiday Gala 2017_012

Smile in a candy cane gown. Isn’t that sweet?

Holiday Gala 2017_014

Banker in a form-fitting cocktail gown.

Holiday Gala 2017_017

The woman on the right is simply elegant.

Holiday Gala 2017_018

Stunning accessories.

Holiday Gala 2017_023

Dancing beyond sunset with friends on The Breakers, our second home.

Fly Me To The Moon, Virtual, That Is…


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We weren’t sure how it happened and knew NASA was just as perplexed, when aliens made first contact on The Breakers. We knew it wasn’t “War of the Worlds” as there were no sightings of large, ugly “B-movie rated” or “Mystery Science Theater” creatures. Perhaps they needed to establish a virtual base and the Breakers was chosen because we happened to rez a moon-like setting. Whatever the truth (because it’s out there), no creature-human interaction was reported to the SL Secret Service (Highly Classified) department.

moon dance_002

Smile working for NASA and damn proud of it!

moon dance_005

How many of you remember Klingon crewmember, Worf, aboard the USS Enterprise-D? Can you name two things about humans that were not understood by Klingons.

moon dance_007

Isa looks beautiful here.

moon dance_010

Allie and DJ Merlin garbed in futurist clothing. I can imagine it to be weather responsive.

moon dance_012

Spock showed up for the Fly Me to The Moon dance offering his unique remarks. More than a few times we noticed a brow raised. Not sure where Uhura was.

moon dance_014

We’re talking small aliens here, as their crafts were the size of garbage cans, but their lasers could cast a powerful beam. They kept on aiming for our backsides. (No humans were injured during the dance).

moon dance_016

The engines of an alien steampunk vehicle were observed on the moon set. The question is: where is the rest of the craft? Rumor has it that it’s under Charlie’s house.

moon dance_017

Ruger must not have been present during Space Exploration 101 because he was in a diving suit and using a 1930s classic radio instead of contemporary audio devices.

moon dance_018

Just love the style and colors of the space suit Chiara Seaborn is wearing. Reminds me of an early science fiction movie.

moon dance_020

Mr. Spock has a few good moves here.

Tribute To Tom Petty is Heavenly


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Thomas Earl Petty

(October 20, 1950 – Oct. 2, 2017)

When we learned that Tom Petty died we were all stunned. Many of us remember him as legendary, unique, gifted, one of the most “chilled” human beings you’d ever meet. A few of his most popular songs are “Free Fallin,” “Mary Jane’s Last Dance,” “I Won’t Back Down,” and there are many others. His fans followed him through his musical evolution with “The Heartbreakers (1976) and the Traveling Wilburys and into his solo career.

On Nov. 8, Breakers New England sims held a tribute dance in his memory with the setting being the gate to heaven. While we danced, we recalled yet another talented legend that came into our lives and that his music will live on.

Did you know…

  • That Tom Petty was turned on to rock and roll after meeting Elvis Presley? Back in 1961, when the film “Follow That Dream” was in production, Petty’s uncle was working on the set and invited Petty to join him.
  • Don Felder (Eagles) was one of Petty’s first guitar teachers.
  • Band evolution: formed the Epics which became Mudcrutch which split and Petty went solo. Petty, Mike Campbell and Benmont Tench, Ron Blair and Stan Lynch became the early Heartbreakers. Petty joined Harrison’s band, The Traveling Wilbury’s in 1988.
  •  Petty had been married twice: First wife Jane Brenyo (married 1974/divorced 1996/2 daughters). Married Dana York June 3, 2001/stepson, Dylan.


Tom Petty tribute_001

Allie and DJ Merlin standing in front of the gates of heaven. A photograph of Tom Petty during a concert is behind them.

Tom Petty tribute_032

Suz rocking to Petty tunes.

Tom Petty tribute_026

Super dress. Should have included her in a video.

Tom Petty tribute_022

The gates to heaven.

Tom Petty tribute_028

Isa looking like a rock and roll singer.

Tom Petty tribute_020

Dancing all night. We wouldn’t want it any other way.

Tom Petty tribute_006

Smile joined in discussing Petty’s hits that she loved.

Tom Petty tribute_016

Temp had a great time.

Tom Petty tribute_012

Alex and I dancing. My hair got wilder.

Tom Petty tribute_009

Ruger in his letterman jacket.

Tom Petty tribute_003

Merlin in Petty’s favorite hat.


Monster Mash Attracts All Kinds Of Interesting Characters To The Breakers



monster bash 10.25_002

You never know who will show up during the Breaker’s Monster Mash. A masked pirate, a sexy witch and her dark companion rock the night away.

monster bash 10.25_006

Smile looking cute in her witch get up.

monster bash 10.25_004

Temp looking very scary. We heard that Stephen King hired him on as a character in his next book.

monster bash 10.25_007

Pirate Alex ready to take on the enemy. Who invited the skeleton anyway?

monster bash 10.25_008

I was a lady pirate this year.

monster bash 10.25_011

Love the choker and tattoos.

monster bash 10.25_012

Oh my gosh, someone from PBS showed up!

monster bash 10.25_014

The darker it got, it seemed as if the trees had a mind of their own.

monster bash 10.25_017

That’s a sight…ghostbusters and Dracula dancing together.

monster bash 10.25_023

What did I tell you about the trees?

Breaker’s ‘Back to the 50s’ dance kindles memories of poodle skirts, drive-ins, and simpler times in America


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Back to the 50s dance_016

Remember when you ordered your hamburger and fries at the drive-thru? Temp rezzed this one on the Breakers as the setting for the Back to the 50s dance.

second 50s dance_002

Form-fitting sweaters and poodle skirts were common in your 1950s wardrobe. Don’t forget the saddle shoes.

second 50s dance_005

Temp dancing, looking cool.

second 50s dance_008

DJ MERLIN and his gal, Allie. He in T-bird garb and she pretty in pink.

Back to the 50s dance_007

Alex and I and NYCharlie in the background.

second 50s dance_007

Do you remember what “parked” really meant?

Back to the 50s dance_006

Before curfew, everyone had a great time.

Back to the 50s dance_001

All teens wanted were burgers and shakes. Things haven’t changed that much have they?

We’re not sure how it happened, but a jungle landed at The Breakers on SL!


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Jungle Bungle_001

DJ Merlin broke away from his jungle exploration to do what he does best…play some great tunes.

Jungle Bungle_003

Alright, so, from what we can understand the elephant was determined to get the monkeys’ bananas.

Jungle Bungle_004

Who wouldn’t want to be Jane even for a day?

Jungle Bungle_006

Smile looks great in her zebra halter and blank jeans. The giraffes are keeping an eye on her.

Jungle Bungle_009

Alex wearing chetah garb. Would you say he’s a superhero or villain?

Jungle Bungle_010

The king of the jungle enjoying the jungle bungle dance.

Jungle Bungle_015

That’s one big monkey. Ain’t he cute?

Jungle Bungle_017

Think that lion family is making plans. Might be better if he turned around.

Jungle Bungle_020

Great image here. No one is going to mess wth this zebra…..Come join us at The Breakers on Second Life. You will love the sims’ themed dances. There’s wonderful homes and a downtown area.

Neighbor’s Interior Design Defined Through Breaker’s House Tour

The moment we rent our little haven in the Breakers, we’re planning all the special things we would love around us. Here we are the interior stylists and have the opportunity to mix and match vintage with historical, minimualistic with retro and don’t get us started on landscapes.

House Tour_009

Suz’ comfortable La Galleria cottage is tucked away in a cozy corner of the Breakers. A handmade bench is on the dock to take advantage of the night breeze.


House Tour_001

Her living room blends in flawlessly with the mahogany woodwork framing the floor-to-ceiling windows and the matching fireplace wood grain and coffee table.

House Tour_004

Who wouldn’t want to stay in bed all day in this bedroom?

House Tour_007

Grab the latest bestseller and rock back in forth in this lovely swing.

House Tour_010

Templar has a unique sense of decor, part historical, explorer, and industrial.

House Tour_011

Templar’s house features colonial furniture with science and industrial elements. Details and balance are always well thought.

House Tour_012

Period cabinetry is matched with a custom made wood table and tapestry covered armchairs. The chandelier adds a graceful touch.

House Tour_013

Not use to this simple, yet playful setting. Templar is known to tuck away his treasures, whether they are the possessions of an explorer, a scientist, or a pirate.

House Tour_015

Onward to the next house: a great study in architecture, from the front porch to the second floor bedrooms.

House Tour_016

Adore this living room bathed in sunset hues.

House Tour_017

The pop of color on the anchor rug makes this table look so realistic.

House Tour_018

A kitchen with a space for everything and plenty of room to whip up a gourmet dinner.

House Tour_020

A long, narrow space, but comfort and design are addressed perfectly with coordinating colors and even a place for a sleeping pet.

House Tour_021

There are so many wonderful rooms in this home. Here we talk about the day’s events, Breaker’s parties or simply enjoy the sunset.

our house_001

The living room has two comfortable sitting areas: a couch, loveseat and oversized chair and two armchairs by the windows. LaGalleria furniture is realistic, color coordinated and you actually feel relaxed.

our house_004

Here’s where we watch the sunsets. The back porch features a wall water fountain and looks out toward the lighthouse and waves striking the time worn break walls of stone.

our house_005

The kitchen/dining room is in the center of the home. A great place to entertain or have a cup of tea or coffee.

our house_006

Rocking chairs and lemonade on the front porch.

House Tour_022

Next house: Landscaping adds a special touch to this home. Love the lamp lighting and wishing well.

House Tour_023

Art is the focal point here. A perfect setting for reflection. The earth tones are calming, from potted plants, area rugs and even the cushion of the chair.

House Tour_024

Shades of blues: the border of this wonderful area rug, the restless waves of the seascape and the sky are well coordinated.

House Tour_026

A palette of spring and summer blossoms add nature’s touch.

House Tour_028

Next home: This light blue sectional just needs a classic novel and a steaming cup of coffee to be complete.

House Tour_029

What a wonderful setting for entertaining: the ocean, waterfalls, and glass walls/roof must be difficult to leave.

House Tour_031

A loft bedroom provides an open, private space. Light green pillow shams and comforter welcome you home.

House Tour_032

Love the oversized cushions on this sectional, the natural planks of the table, the bronze lantern, huge TV screen and the Topiary and framed artwork.

House Tour_034

The view is wonderful here and the deck is even better.

House Tour_035

A fairy tale bed… how sweet is that?

House Tour_036

A lovely backyard with a toasty fire pit and Adirondack chairs. 

House Tour_038

A cheeky little squirrel determined to get sunflower seeds. 

Egyptian Dance Bridges Past With Future


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ONE OF THE monthly ideas for a themed dance was ancient Egypt. This had to be Temp’s idea because he’s known for historical decor. So he reached into his inventory’s Early Civilization’s folder and dug out a tomb, funeral Gods, Egyptian royal possessions, archeology gear, and even a mummy or two. This is how it all turned out.

–Netera Landar

Egyptian dance_001

No mortal shall pass the tomb of the Egyptian kings. Anubis was a funerary god.

Egyptian dance_024

Smilemaker as Queen Nefertiti, the chief wife (queen) of the Egyptian Pharaoh Amenhotep IV.

Egyptian dance_029

DJ Merlin’s ancient relative just happened to be wandering around Breaker’s venue and joined in the fun.

Egyptian dance_023

Think twice before going in there.

Egyptian dance_018

Hope the archeologist was granted a “dig” permit.

Egyptian dance_014

Venue maker Temp enjoying the moment.

Egyptian dance_002

Alex in regal garb.

Egyptian dance_005

Isabel in front of the archeologist’s plane.

Egyptian dance_011

Time-worn bandages, but he has the latest lenses.

Egyptian dance_020

Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs have kept history alive.


Egyptian dance_009

Suz wearing ancient jewelry and a Roman-style toga.

Egyptian dance_017

Dressed like a queen, but I’d probably be a servant in ancient times.


Once Upon A Time On The Breakers…


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Fairy Tale Dance_011

Cinderella knew how it felt to dress like a princess and be driven to the castle in a beautiful carriage. The only problem is that the Godmother Credit Agency would charge her an additional “Dream Come True” fee if she didn’t return before midnight.

Fairy Tale Dance_003

Princess Smile figured out the best way to get to the ball would be to TP to the castle. Her night magic classes had come in handy on more than one occasion. A simple phrase of magic turned one man temporarily into a scarecrow to avoid his asking her to dance for the hundredth time.

Fairy Tale Dance_022

This princess moved from one popular fairy tale into our virtual world because the weather was nicer and you just can’t beat the gorgeous setting.

Fairy Tale Dance_008

It was our understanding that the Mad Hatter was impatient in retelling the stone rabbit how he got Red Queen’s banned books to be piled up and not fall.

Fairy Tale Dance_019

Tinkerbell was the belle of the ball. 

Fairy Tale Dance_004

Because the kingdom believed in an open invitation to people from other villages, Alex and I were welcomed.

Fairy Tale Dance_012

It was known to all from nearby villages to distant lands that magic is possible when people are believers. 

Fairy Tale Dance_014

The spell did not wear off past midnight. Poor Ruger continued to be a scarecrow throughout the wee hours of the night and was clearly heard singing “I wish I had a Heart.”

Fairy Tale Dance_005

Yes, it’s true, that we were all envious that she had perfect hair, a perfect tan, and the best dress maker in town.

Fairy Tale Dance_007

And we all lived happily ever after on The Breakers.