We’re not sure how it happened, but a jungle landed at The Breakers on SL!


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Jungle Bungle_001

DJ Merlin broke away from his jungle exploration to do what he does best…play some great tunes.

Jungle Bungle_003

Alright, so, from what we can understand the elephant was determined to get the monkeys’ bananas.

Jungle Bungle_004

Who wouldn’t want to be Jane even for a day?

Jungle Bungle_006

Smile looks great in her zebra halter and blank jeans. The giraffes are keeping an eye on her.

Jungle Bungle_009

Alex wearing chetah garb. Would you say he’s a superhero or villain?

Jungle Bungle_010

The king of the jungle enjoying the jungle bungle dance.

Jungle Bungle_015

That’s one big monkey. Ain’t he cute?

Jungle Bungle_017

Think that lion family is making plans. Might be better if he turned around.

Jungle Bungle_020

Great image here. No one is going to mess wth this zebra…..Come join us at The Breakers on Second Life. You will love the sims’ themed dances. There’s wonderful homes and a downtown area.


Neighbor’s Interior Design Defined Through Breaker’s House Tour

The moment we rent our little haven in the Breakers, we’re planning all the special things we would love around us. Here we are the interior stylists and have the opportunity to mix and match vintage with historical, minimualistic with retro and don’t get us started on landscapes.

House Tour_009

Suz’ comfortable La Galleria cottage is tucked away in a cozy corner of the Breakers. A handmade bench is on the dock to take advantage of the night breeze.


House Tour_001

Her living room blends in flawlessly with the mahogany woodwork framing the floor-to-ceiling windows and the matching fireplace wood grain and coffee table.

House Tour_004

Who wouldn’t want to stay in bed all day in this bedroom?

House Tour_007

Grab the latest bestseller and rock back in forth in this lovely swing.

House Tour_010

Templar has a unique sense of decor, part historical, explorer, and industrial.

House Tour_011

Templar’s house features colonial furniture with science and industrial elements. Details and balance are always well thought.

House Tour_012

Period cabinetry is matched with a custom made wood table and tapestry covered armchairs. The chandelier adds a graceful touch.

House Tour_013

Not use to this simple, yet playful setting. Templar is known to tuck away his treasures, whether they are the possessions of an explorer, a scientist, or a pirate.

House Tour_015

Onward to the next house: a great study in architecture, from the front porch to the second floor bedrooms.

House Tour_016

Adore this living room bathed in sunset hues.

House Tour_017

The pop of color on the anchor rug makes this table look so realistic.

House Tour_018

A kitchen with a space for everything and plenty of room to whip up a gourmet dinner.

House Tour_020

A long, narrow space, but comfort and design are addressed perfectly with coordinating colors and even a place for a sleeping pet.

House Tour_021

There are so many wonderful rooms in this home. Here we talk about the day’s events, Breaker’s parties or simply enjoy the sunset.

our house_001

The living room has two comfortable sitting areas: a couch, loveseat and oversized chair and two armchairs by the windows. LaGalleria furniture is realistic, color coordinated and you actually feel relaxed.

our house_004

Here’s where we watch the sunsets. The back porch features a wall water fountain and looks out toward the lighthouse and waves striking the time worn break walls of stone.

our house_005

The kitchen/dining room is in the center of the home. A great place to entertain or have a cup of tea or coffee.

our house_006

Rocking chairs and lemonade on the front porch.

House Tour_022

Next house: Landscaping adds a special touch to this home. Love the lamp lighting and wishing well.

House Tour_023

Art is the focal point here. A perfect setting for reflection. The earth tones are calming, from potted plants, area rugs and even the cushion of the chair.

House Tour_024

Shades of blues: the border of this wonderful area rug, the restless waves of the seascape and the sky are well coordinated.

House Tour_026

A palette of spring and summer blossoms add nature’s touch.

House Tour_028

Next home: This light blue sectional just needs a classic novel and a steaming cup of coffee to be complete.

House Tour_029

What a wonderful setting for entertaining: the ocean, waterfalls, and glass walls/roof must be difficult to leave.

House Tour_031

A loft bedroom provides an open, private space. Light green pillow shams and comforter welcome you home.

House Tour_032

Love the oversized cushions on this sectional, the natural planks of the table, the bronze lantern, huge TV screen and the Topiary and framed artwork.

House Tour_034

The view is wonderful here and the deck is even better.

House Tour_035

A fairy tale bed… how sweet is that?

House Tour_036

A lovely backyard with a toasty fire pit and Adirondack chairs. 

House Tour_038

A cheeky little squirrel determined to get sunflower seeds. 

Egyptian Dance Bridges Past With Future


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ONE OF THE monthly ideas for a themed dance was ancient Egypt. This had to be Temp’s idea because he’s known for historical decor. So he reached into his inventory’s Early Civilization’s folder and dug out a tomb, funeral Gods, Egyptian royal possessions, archeology gear, and even a mummy or two. This is how it all turned out.

–Netera Landar

Egyptian dance_001

No mortal shall pass the tomb of the Egyptian kings. Anubis was a funerary god.

Egyptian dance_024

Smilemaker as Queen Nefertiti, the chief wife (queen) of the Egyptian Pharaoh Amenhotep IV.

Egyptian dance_029

DJ Merlin’s ancient relative just happened to be wandering around Breaker’s venue and joined in the fun.

Egyptian dance_023

Think twice before going in there.

Egyptian dance_018

Hope the archeologist was granted a “dig” permit.

Egyptian dance_014

Venue maker Temp enjoying the moment.

Egyptian dance_002

Alex in regal garb.

Egyptian dance_005

Isabel in front of the archeologist’s plane.

Egyptian dance_011

Time-worn bandages, but he has the latest lenses.

Egyptian dance_020

Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs have kept history alive.


Egyptian dance_009

Suz wearing ancient jewelry and a Roman-style toga.

Egyptian dance_017

Dressed like a queen, but I’d probably be a servant in ancient times.


Once Upon A Time On The Breakers…


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Fairy Tale Dance_011

Cinderella knew how it felt to dress like a princess and be driven to the castle in a beautiful carriage. The only problem is that the Godmother Credit Agency would charge her an additional “Dream Come True” fee if she didn’t return before midnight.

Fairy Tale Dance_003

Princess Smile figured out the best way to get to the ball would be to TP to the castle. Her night magic classes had come in handy on more than one occasion. A simple phrase of magic turned one man temporarily into a scarecrow to avoid his asking her to dance for the hundredth time.

Fairy Tale Dance_022

This princess moved from one popular fairy tale into our virtual world because the weather was nicer and you just can’t beat the gorgeous setting.

Fairy Tale Dance_008

It was our understanding that the Mad Hatter was impatient in retelling the stone rabbit how he got Red Queen’s banned books to be piled up and not fall.

Fairy Tale Dance_019

Tinkerbell was the belle of the ball. 

Fairy Tale Dance_004

Because the kingdom believed in an open invitation to people from other villages, Alex and I were welcomed.

Fairy Tale Dance_012

It was known to all from nearby villages to distant lands that magic is possible when people are believers. 

Fairy Tale Dance_014

The spell did not wear off past midnight. Poor Ruger continued to be a scarecrow throughout the wee hours of the night and was clearly heard singing “I wish I had a Heart.”

Fairy Tale Dance_005

Yes, it’s true, that we were all envious that she had perfect hair, a perfect tan, and the best dress maker in town.

Fairy Tale Dance_007

And we all lived happily ever after on The Breakers.

The Breaker’s Heritage Dance Helped Us To Remember Who We Really Are


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Our heritage is an important part of who we are in real life. Through stories passed down by our family and our inherited traditions, we learn about living with customs, specific foods and the language of our ethnic roots. This forms the foundation of our lifestyle, along with our regional influences.

Our heritage was the theme of a July dance on The Breakers. We wore cultural costumes, carried flags, and as always enjoyed Merlin’s music.

Heritage Dance_006

Temp in his Dutch costume. Would make a great profile picture.

Heritage Dance_011

Suz dressed in the colors of the Lithuanian flag.

Heritage Dance_007

Allie wearing a cute summer dress because she’s proud to be an American. Merlin is 100% Rock and Roll.

Heritage Dance_002

Charlie appears to have English roots, with a little Steampunk thrown in for style. We all want rose-colored glasses now.

Heritage Dance_013

Ruger looking like a handsome, young Dutch man. Charlie is on his left and Rosebud on his right.

Heritage Dance_004

I’m Russian and Polish, but identify more as an American.

Heritage Dance_026

Not sure of her heritage, but she has great tattoos.

Heritage Dance_031

Alex in his Cherokee garb. 

Heritage Dance_012

We always enjoy Merlin’s selections because he brings us back to the days when the songs were popular.

Don’t Tell Mom but we had a PJ party on The Breakers and it was really fun!


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Pajama Party_001

On a virtual world, a pajama party can actually be on held on an oversized bed. What a fun venue to create, rez, and enjoy. We could wear long johns, our hair in curlers, teddy bear nighties, all for fun. All in the name of friendship and a great way to reduce the stress of real life. Merlin played songs like Doris Day and Jack Marshall’s “Pillow Talk” and The Eagles “All Night Long.”

Pajama Party_018

Not sure how he did it, but NY Charlie’s long john’s changed patterns all night.

Pajama Party_003

Smile has her hair in curlers. She’s wearing her most comfortable pjs and brought along her teddy bear.

Pajama Party_005

Suz in her pink pjs getting ready for a pillow fight.

Pajama Party_006

No Pjs for Alex, but I have a cute teddy.

Pajama Party_010

Temp kidding around in his mini plane.

Pajama Party_015

Merlin and Allie in matching plaid. Love the polar bears on their shoulders.

Pajama Party_016

NYCharlie in his green and blue long johns.

Pajama Party_011

Temp minus his plane, dreaming up another cute scene.

Taking A Walk Back in the Old West


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western night_032

Old Whisler on a good day. Best guard dog you ever did see.

THE DOG KNEW TROUBLE was comin. Dogs seem to sense things like that. Old Whisler was tellin us what was going to happen, but we weren’t paying attention. The town had been built in the west and all we wanted to do is celebrate: take out our fiddles, pour some whiskey, and enjoy the dance before our population reached the hundreds. We did it buildin’ by buildin’. Set down the laws, followed by the nation, and took it one day at a time. Little did we know the gamblers, steer rustlers, and other non-law abiding outsiders would hit the trail and call this land their own.

western night_002

Ranchers, Miss Isabel, saloon gals, and gamblers joined us for our celebration.

western night_005

Miss Rosebud wearing a pretty saloon gal get up.

western night_007

Sheriff  Templar made sure the celebration didn’t get out of hand.

western night_016

Deputy Ruger introduced everyone to line dancin’.

western night_036

Miss Smilemaker came to town to sing to the townsfolk. Word is she’s from New York.

western night_017

Shery put on her new Levi’s and joined the crowd.

western night_018

Deputy Rugar, Riverboat gambler Maverick with his lady.

western night_019

Sheriff Templar bringing his horse to the blacksmith. He always says never wait too long to replace a horseshoe.

western night_020

We are not really sure who this man is, but he keeps on poppin’ up at our parties.

western night_021

The women in town would not approve of this top so I wore it.

western night_024

Blacksmith Merlin and his Miss Allie leading the town in some recreation.

western night_027

Maverick’s gun is hidden as well as a few Aces.

western night_029

He still thinks he has the Aces.

western night_030

You would think Merlin would high tail it out of town with this posted.

western night_033

We’re mighty proud of our town.

western night_034

We danced til sunset. Tomorrow will be another day.



Breakers Summer Blast: Filled With Balloons, Bikinis And One Big Whale


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Spring Break May 31_002

Allie and DJ Merlin in their matching Beatles t-shirts and white shorts.

IT WAS MAY 31, but it felt like a sizzling Fourth of July for the Breaker’s Summer Blast. The beach became a welcome setting complete with balloons, bikinis and even a friendly whale, though we’re not sure who invited the whale. The weather was cooperative, the music featured every beach and summer tune DJ Merlin could think of. Then, to top it off, the fireworks blasted away in brilliant pastel colors.

Spring Break May 31_011

William, Suz and Opal on the Blast dance floor.

Spring Break May 31_016

Suz Bookmite and William on the left.  Temp in the middle, Suz on the right. Smile wore a beautiful aqua and teal sarong wrap. 

Spring Break May 31_018

We are still not sure how Temp got the balloons to stay on the beach. Below NY Charlie and Smile, Breaker’s co-owners.

Charle at Summer BlastSpring Break May 31_005

Spring Break May 31_007

Alex in his biker garb and me in a black halter and shorts.

Spring Break May 31_020

No balloons were damaged through the two-hour dance. 

Spring Break May 31_013

Who doesn’t love fireworks?

Introducing Breaker’s Peak: A new residential experience!


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HIGH ABOVE BREAKERS, on a sky platform, you’ll find Breaker’s Peak. It provides a more natural setting where landscape soothes the soul. A quiet, home away from home where you can listen to music before friends come online or simply watch the breeze move the wildflowers.

A direct teleport is available on the “rentals available board” or enter through the arches to explore each home and it’s scenic landscape which can actually change with a click of your mouse.

Breaker's Peak_001

Prospective renters may begin by deciding if they would like a home on The Breakers below or Breaker’s Peak. The teleport board will help you navigate to the home you desire.

Breaker's Peak_002

Seagulls Roost has a large living room, 2 bedrooms, kitchen, den or library and a patio.  Available for $380/week (150 prims).

Breaker's Peak_003

There’s plenty of living space at Seagulls Roost.  A cathedral ceiling is a plus with this cottage.

Breaker's Peak_004

This Old Orchard cottage is Seagulls’ next door neighbor. Available for $380/week (150 prims).


Breaker's Peak_005

Vaulted ceiling in the living room, cozy fireplace, kitchen with French doors, Master bedroom, guest room, office or second bedroom.

breakers point additional_004

The Captain is a cozy cottage at the end of the platform. Available for $380/week (150 prims).

Breaker's Peak_006

The Captain has craftsman style interior. Mahogany cabinetry awaits your favorite books, a bay window in the living room and you’ll love the dining room. Has a kitchen, built-in cabinetry for displaying glass or ceramics,  master bedroom with a closet and the bathroom just needs a clawfoot tub.

Breaker's Peak_007

This Grace House has white siding and green trim. Available for $380/week (150 prims). The home has the same interior as the Captain. You’ll love it’s quaint interior and coziness.

Breaker's Peak_008

This home also has built-in cabinetry and other craftsman heritage architectural features.

Breaker's Peak_009

This Meadows Sweet House is a single woman’s dream. Charming with a capital “C.” Great view of the summer landscape. Available for $425/week (150 prims). Let’s talk bonus: the furniture is included. No need to shop.


Breaker's Peak_010

Breaker's Peak_011

This cape cod is a corner unit.  Available for $380/week (150 prims).

Breaker's Peak_012

A lot of space in this one: large living room, dining room, kitchen, 2 bedrooms upstairs and a bathroom.

Breaker's Peak_013

And look at that landscape.

Putting On The Ritz At A Gorgeous Garden Gala At The Breakers


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putting on the ritz_002

WE SET OUR lighting to midnight and watched the setting come to life. The colors were gorgeous shades of spring green and lilac and you could just smell the lavender as the wind caught its scent.

We entered through white metal gates that squeaked from rendezvous of yesteryear and watched as rose petals danced on the sparkling terrain. Chessboard pieces patiently waited to be pushed across crooked squares. Here trees still wore the cloaks of day unwilling to shiver in the darkness.

We danced in Victorian, Golden Age and contemporary formal. It was a night to remember for how often do you Put on the Ritz?

putting on the ritz_003

Temp wearing formal period garb. Love the top hat.

putting on the ritz_005

Allie and MERLIN playing the songs that we grew up listening to and sneaking the next chess move when no one was looking.

putting on the ritz_009

Look at this beautiful mermaid gown Smile is wearing.

putting on the ritz_017

I wore a purple strapless gown with a taffeta skirt that flared and Alex a long-tailed jacket with a top hat and walking cane.

putting on the ritz_004

MERLIN hoping Allie doesn’t see he knocked down one of her chess pieces.

putting on the ritz_016

What a beautiful setting. Perfect for a dance in the moonlight.

putting on the ritz_001

The carousel illuminated the venue. It was almost as if ghostly images of fantasy animals would soon appear.

putting on the ritz_006

Every woman had her own elegant style. Suz in the middle and Smile on the right.

putting on the ritz_018

The perfect dance floor.

putting on the ritz_008

Don’t you adore this vintage carrousel?

ritz shot by Charlie

NYCharlie, Breakers co-owner, greeting everyone.

putting on the ritz_011

The silk gown has a unique feature. She wears it well.