Breakers Summer Blast: Filled With Balloons, Bikinis And One Big Whale


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Spring Break May 31_002

Allie and DJ Merlin in their matching Beatles t-shirts and white shorts.

IT WAS MAY 31, but it felt like a sizzling Fourth of July for the Breaker’s Summer Blast. The beach became a welcome setting complete with balloons, bikinis and even a friendly whale, though we’re not sure who invited the whale. The weather was cooperative, the music featured every beach and summer tune DJ Merlin could think of. Then, to top it off, the fireworks blasted away in brilliant pastel colors.

Spring Break May 31_011

William, Suz and Opal on the Blast dance floor.

Spring Break May 31_016

Suz Bookmite and William on the left.  Temp in the middle, Suz on the right. Smile wore a beautiful aqua and teal sarong wrap. 

Spring Break May 31_018

We are still not sure how Temp got the balloons to stay on the beach. Below NY Charlie and Smile, Breaker’s co-owners.

Charle at Summer BlastSpring Break May 31_005

Spring Break May 31_007

Alex in his biker garb and me in a black halter and shorts.

Spring Break May 31_020

No balloons were damaged through the two-hour dance. 

Spring Break May 31_013

Who doesn’t love fireworks?

Introducing Breaker’s Peak: A new residential experience!


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HIGH ABOVE BREAKERS, on a sky platform, you’ll find Breaker’s Peak. It provides a more natural setting where landscape soothes the soul. A quiet, home away from home where you can listen to music before friends come online or simply watch the breeze move the wildflowers.

A direct teleport is available on the “rentals available board” or enter through the arches to explore each home and it’s scenic landscape which can actually change with a click of your mouse.

Breaker's Peak_001

Prospective renters may begin by deciding if they would like a home on The Breakers below or Breaker’s Peak. The teleport board will help you navigate to the home you desire.

Breaker's Peak_002

Seagulls Roost has a large living room, 2 bedrooms, kitchen, den or library and a patio.  Available for $380/week (150 prims).

Breaker's Peak_003

There’s plenty of living space at Seagulls Roost.  A cathedral ceiling is a plus with this cottage.

Breaker's Peak_004

This Old Orchard cottage is Seagulls’ next door neighbor. Available for $380/week (150 prims).


Breaker's Peak_005

Vaulted ceiling in the living room, cozy fireplace, kitchen with French doors, Master bedroom, guest room, office or second bedroom.

breakers point additional_004

The Captain is a cozy cottage at the end of the platform. Available for $380/week (150 prims).

Breaker's Peak_006

The Captain has craftsman style interior. Mahogany cabinetry awaits your favorite books, a bay window in the living room and you’ll love the dining room. Has a kitchen, built-in cabinetry for displaying glass or ceramics,  master bedroom with a closet and the bathroom just needs a clawfoot tub.

Breaker's Peak_007

This Grace House has white siding and green trim. Available for $380/week (150 prims). The home has the same interior as the Captain. You’ll love it’s quaint interior and coziness.

Breaker's Peak_008

This home also has built-in cabinetry and other craftsman heritage architectural features.

Breaker's Peak_009

This Meadows Sweet House is a single woman’s dream. Charming with a capital “C.” Great view of the summer landscape. Available for $425/week (150 prims). Let’s talk bonus: the furniture is included. No need to shop.


Breaker's Peak_010

Breaker's Peak_011

This cape cod is a corner unit.  Available for $380/week (150 prims).

Breaker's Peak_012

A lot of space in this one: large living room, dining room, kitchen, 2 bedrooms upstairs and a bathroom.

Breaker's Peak_013

And look at that landscape.

Putting On The Ritz At A Gorgeous Garden Gala At The Breakers


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putting on the ritz_002

WE SET OUR lighting to midnight and watched the setting come to life. The colors were gorgeous shades of spring green and lilac and you could just smell the lavender as the wind caught its scent.

We entered through white metal gates that squeaked from rendezvous of yesteryear and watched as rose petals danced on the sparkling terrain. Chessboard pieces patiently waited to be pushed across crooked squares. Here trees still wore the cloaks of day unwilling to shiver in the darkness.

We danced in Victorian, Golden Age and contemporary formal. It was a night to remember for how often do you Put on the Ritz?

putting on the ritz_003

Temp wearing formal period garb. Love the top hat.

putting on the ritz_005

Allie and MERLIN playing the songs that we grew up listening to and sneaking the next chess move when no one was looking.

putting on the ritz_009

Look at this beautiful mermaid gown Smile is wearing.

putting on the ritz_017

I wore a purple strapless gown with a taffeta skirt that flared and Alex a long-tailed jacket with a top hat and walking cane.

putting on the ritz_004

MERLIN hoping Allie doesn’t see he knocked down one of her chess pieces.

putting on the ritz_016

What a beautiful setting. Perfect for a dance in the moonlight.

putting on the ritz_001

The carousel illuminated the venue. It was almost as if ghostly images of fantasy animals would soon appear.

putting on the ritz_006

Every woman had her own elegant style. Suz in the middle and Smile on the right.

putting on the ritz_018

The perfect dance floor.

putting on the ritz_008

Don’t you adore this vintage carrousel?

ritz shot by Charlie

NYCharlie, Breakers co-owner, greeting everyone.

putting on the ritz_011

The silk gown has a unique feature. She wears it well.

British Invasion Has Us Longing For the Beatles And The Fab Styles Of The ’60s!


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British Invasion party 4.26_009

Sunset on the Breakers. Suz wearing her brown mini dress and a ribbon chocker.

They say you can’t go back in time. Why not?  Music is timeless. It holds no boundaries. If it’s loved, you’ll hear it for years. That’s the reason we continue listening to the albums of yesteryear especially British bands.

According to Wikipedia, “The British Invasion was a phenomenon that occurred in the mid-1960s when rock and pop music acts from the United Kingdom, as well as other aspects of British culture, became popular in the United States, and significant to the rising “counterculture” on both sides of the Atlantic.”


NYCharlie went all out with this look.

British youth had been influenced by American musicians’ rebellious nature and their music and tried to add their spin to it 50s.  This was the time of The Beatles, The Dave Clark Five,  The Rolling Stones.  It was a time of breaking out of the mindset of what was proper, allowed, expected. Women screamed at Beatles concerts and on the Ed Sullivan Show.

If you’d like to test your memory of the British Invasion, log onto the following websites for trivia games.

AARP presents the following Beatles trivia:


Join us at The Breakers, New England sims. Rent a home or a store and join our long-established community: Breakers (43, 130, 25)

British Invasion party 4.26_022

Allie and DJ MERLINzzz wearing British inspired t-shirts and their favorite jeans.

British Invasion party 4.26_007

Chickie’s purple box dress and album earrings looks adorable.

British Invasion party 4.26_013

Faith in a matching outfit that looks as if she’s stepped right out of the ’60s.

British Invasion party 4.26_018

Gabi in a beige mini and lace up heels. I’m wearing an illusion dress with white go go boots. Alex in his favorite biker garb.

British Invasion party 4.26_024

Suz and Teri near the British inspired furniture. Love the British telephone booth couch.

British Invasion party 4.26_003

Katie wearing a hot pink sleeveless top, matching belt, and black pants.

British Invasion party 4.26_002

Templar added the British prints, chairs, and couch to make us feel as if we were in England.

British Invasion party 4.26_015

Shary in a black mini and Suz.

British Invasion party 4.26_006

Breakers pro party decorator, Templar.

breakers British invasio 4 26 17_013 Opal

Opal in a themed t-shirt and jean skirt.

Mississippi Riverboat Arrives at The Breakers as well as Professional Poker Player Maverick


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Riverboat gambling party 4.12_012

We turned back the hands of time with the Breaker’s Mississippi Gambler’s Riverboat party. Those who attended wore both the clothing of pre-Civil War days and more modern times. While MERLIN played Kenny Roger’s “The Gambler,” John Hammond’s “Gambling Blues,” and ABBA’s “The Winner Takes it All,” Breaker’s members talked about  how they or family members worked on ships, the quality of life during historical eras, and their lives. How interesting to see a riverboat docked here. One can only imagine the thrill and danger of gambling in the past.

Riverboat gambling party 4.12_005

Allie and MERLIN as the perfect DJ couple.

Riverboat gambling party 4.12_001

Alex as Bret Maverick.

Riverboat gambling party 4.12_010

NYCharlie enjoying the tunes MERLIN has selected.

Riverboat gambling party 4.12_008

Chickie discussed her grandfather’s job and enjoyed the jokes exchanged.

Riverboat gambling party 4.12_011

Alex portrayed Maverick dressed like a poker player.  I loved selecting a day dress for the event. The designer focused on a beautiful floral pattern and matched it with a parasol, which protected women from the sun.

Riverboat gambling party 4.12_003

Wearing the Green in honor of St. Patrick’s Day!


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By Netera Landar

Breakers tavern was wearing the green for St. Patrick’s Day. The gorgeous vintage bar had Irish barmaids, shamrocks were big and bold, and some of us wore Shamrock hats. Merlin and Allie kept us dancing and enjoying each other’s company. We listened to Bing Crosby’s “When Irish Eyes are Smiling,” and Enya’s “The Celts.”

I think it’s important to know the story behind our holidays so I did an Internet search and found these articles. You might be surprised about what you know and what is believed to be the truth.

St. Patrick’s Day articles:

From Business Insider:

From Reader’s Digest:

Facts About St. Patrick’s Day:

Allie dressed in a historical Irish gown and Merlin in a suit that best represents Ireland.

Isabel and NYCharlie enjoying a mug filled with Guinness.

NYCharlie wearing a green plaid shirt, shamrock hat, and dark green jeans.

Terry and Suz near the tavern pool table. Suz in a green mini dress and Terry wearing a casual outfit topped with a shamrock hat.

Wishing everyone a bit of luck on the holiday. Love the vintage details Temp used for decorations.

Wearing my Snowpaws dress with a touch of green and Alex dressed up in the colors of Ireland.

Jaz, a former Breaker’s resident, dropped in for the St. Patrick’s Day party.

Terry and Suz having a great time.

The Colors of Mardi Gras Beaming Bright on the Breakers!


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By Netera Landar

WE HAD A VERY COLORFUL Mardi Gras celebration on the Breakers on March 1.  We all know that the holiday is bursting with the colors purple, green and gold, but what do they symbolize?

According to, purple represents justice, green represents faith and gold represents power. Justice and faith are the building blocks of our nation, our communities and families. When one thinks power, that is more of a human desire for success and control.

Learn more about the history of Mardi Gras here:


Mardi Gras 3.1_001

Mardi Gras decorations and floats made us feel as if we were at a parade.

Mardi Gras 3.1_005

Suz wearing a Mardi Gras mask, bikini, jeans and beads.

Mardi Gras 3.1_002

TheBig1LionQueen wearing a striking purple gown, Mardi Gras mask and beads.

Mardi Gras 3.1_007

Chickie in her multi-colored Mardi Gras outfit, mask, ribbons and beads.

Mardi Gras 3.1_009

Isabel stuns the crowds, gorgeous as always, wearing a Mardi Gras bikini, thigh-high boots and the biggest feathers we’ve ever seen.

Mardi Gras 3.1_014

Our DJ MERLIN, and his gal Allie.

Mardi Gras 3.1_020

Templar in historical garb. Check out his tattoos. 

Mardi Gras 3.1_030

My Mardi Gras outfit this year. 

Mardi Gras 3.1_031

Stars raining down on Ruger .

Mardi Gras 3.1_033

Diana Pia M. enjoying the party.

Mardi Gras 3.1_034

Terry wearing black and white wings, black pants and Mardi Gras beads.

Mardi Gras 3.1_035

Kitty in her sexy Mardi Gras outfit. 

Mardi Gras 3.1_037

Love the outfit on the left. Reminds me of a painting.

Mardi Gras 3.1_039

Mardi Gras with “wow” factor.

Hearts, roses, vintage cards and a romantic party at Breakers!


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arrangement1There are many versions of history that explain the origins of Valentine’s Day. We may never know the actual truth. If we look back to the Roman Empire, historians will tell us that February 14 was a day set aside to honor the Roman Goddess Juno.  The date took on a new meaning during the reign of Emperor Claudius II, when he found it difficult to rebuild his army as soldiers were reluctant to enlist. In an effort to alter the situation, the emperor refused to allow couples to marry. A priest in Rome, named Valentine, defied the Emperor’s order and secretly married couples.  When the Emperor found out, he ordered that the priest be executed. The date of his death is believed to be February 14, 270 A.D.

Another legend states that the priest tried to help Christians escape the prison in Rome, in acting against the wishes of the emperor, he was also imprisoned and sentenced. The tale continues with the priest falling in love with the jailer’s daughter. Before his last days on Earth,  he wrote her a letter and signed it “from your Valentine.”

Today, lovers exchange hearts filled with candy, chocolate-covered strawberries, adorable teddy bears with messages and cards with lovely roses.

On the Breakers, our Valentine’s Day party was held a day after the holiday. Templar’s venue captured a vintage motif and was enjoyed by all that attended. DJ MERLINzzz entertained and Allie was right beside him.



NYCharlie garbed in his pin-striped suit.


Ruger dancing to the great tunes.


Framed vintage cards added that sentimental touch. Isa wearing a pretty white and violet dress. Andymarie in her creme-colored dress.


Alex looking adorable and I’m wearing my favorite red gown.


MERLINzzz, Allie, Terry, Suz, Isa and Charlie.


MERLINzzz, Smilemaker, Terry, Suz and Andymarie.



Kitty looks beautiful near the roses.




The Greatest Show on Earth….well, the Breakers


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THE BREAKERS – Feb. 8–Ladies and gentlemen, in the center ring is Smilemaker, lion tamer extraordinaire. She’s got that big kitty looking beautiful and tame during The Breaker Circus Party. All manner of entertainment could be found in the party venue. From thrilling hot air balloon rides, jumping on the trampoline, swinging in the ring, and riding in the kiddie rocket. Thank goodness no one shot out of the cannon. MERLIN was the DJ and Allie danced beside him.


Templar garbed as an circus performer. We were all waiting for him to get up on a high wire and walk across the venue.


Merlin as one of the ringmasters. Allie close by.


Kitty dressed in a sexy circus outfit.


NYCharlie, co-owner of The Breakers, wearing his ring master garb.


Adore this picture. Everyone is dancing and look at Temp doing his act.


Chickie juggling. Not once did she drop one.


Alex portraying the strongman and I’m a French clown.


Isa as a harlequin clown.


Aerial view of the circus venue.


Better view of Alex the strongman.


Suz and Terry enjoying the venue.


Close up of Kitty.


The big top before the show.


Thought this was really cute of Terry in the rocket ride.

USO/Mash Party took us back to the reality of war and the USO’s mission


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uso-mash-dance-125_002Templar dug into is endless inventory and recreated the MASH set. You actually felt as if you were in a Mobile Army Surgical Unit during the Korean War. The whirling blades of helicopters were a reminder of the constant incoming rescue teams trying to save lives against the unreal odds. Tents provided shelter, emergency services, sleeping quarters, supply areas and a place to eat.

The USO/MASH party presented us with a window to the reality of war and a glimpse of the dedicated efforts of men and women, through the generations, who perform for the troops. We can only imagine the gift of hearing music from the U.S. while fighting so far from home. How that might ease the stress of being a solider, medic, pilot, commander, for a few hours during their tour of duty.


Chickie with a retro Victory Roll hairstyle and shimmering gray swing dress.


Medic Templar with standard issued uniform and helmet.


Drahama captures the time period with her wavy updo, cat’s eye glasses, and cherry jewelry. Her dress is bright, sexy, and playful.


Katie in a feminine version of camouflage and Lucky in uniform.


Isa in a yellow swing dress with a touch of pink and Breeze in a contemporary short jacket, black halter and skinny jeans.


Alex looking like a four star general. I’m wearing a red swing dress.


DJ Merlin and his gal, Allie, in uniform.


Lucky garbed as a soldier.


Love the rusty truck.


Queen in uniform.